Bloody Lane: Battle of Antietam 150th Reenactment Photos

Scenario: While the fighting slowed down on the Confederate left around the Dunker Church area, a new phase of the battle was about to begin. The Confederate center was positioned in an old country lane known as the Sunken Road. General Hill’s Division occupied this natural defensive position. Of Hill’s five brigades, three had already bloodied themselves in the fighting around the Dunker Church. General French of the II Corps advanced his Division towards the Sunken Road in an attempt to relieve the overwhelmed Union troops on his right. They advanced closer and closer but the Confederates held their fire until they were only a few rods away. The Confederate fire was intense and stopped the Union attacks. Several attacks were made against the road including the attack of the famous Irish Brigade. The Confederates held on for almost 3 hours against the 10,000 Union troops but their ranks were thinning quickly even with reinforcements. A misunderstood order from General Rodes resulted in the collapse of the line and the loss of the Confederate position. The Union troops stormed into the Sunken Road and tried to push on. General Longstreet summoned every cannon he could find. The massed Confederate artillery saved the line.

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