Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Photo Battle Report Posted- The Battle of Big Bethel

Hello all, I have decided to re-boot my ACW game series. My plan is to play through all the scenarios in the Regimental Fire and Fury volume 1 scenarios book. I will also add in the scenarios from the rule book and whatever else I find. To play these games, I will use the Rank and File rule set.

First up is the 1861 battle of Big Bethel.  Here’s the link to the battle report:


Thanks for looking

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A New Project; 28mm French & Indian War Skirmish.

Back in December, I began working on a 28mm French and Indian War project. Instead of starting this project from scratch, I took the opportunity to acquire a decent size collection of painted FIW figures. This collection mostly contains figures that were manufactured by Old Glory. Since December, I have been working on painting up units that were missing from the original collection ex. French Marines. Starting with this post, I will begin to share photos of my progress on this project. My goal is to have the bulk of the painting complete before the start of summer. So far, I'm happy to report that I'm in very good shape to meet this goal. In fact, I plan on running some 400 point games of Muskets and Tomahawks starting in April. 

To get things started, I have a few photos of a unit of French/Canadian Woodsmen (Coureur des bois) that I painted back in late December. These figures are from Old Glory. Up to this point I have painted very few 28mm figures, so I selected this unit to test/develop my painting techniques for this project. I feel that they come out well. Next post, I will share some photos of my British light infantry.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10mm Railroad Buildings

Next up, I have a few of photos of the train station and water tower that I completed last weekend. These models will be used to represent Bristoe Station for my upcoming Battle of Kettle Run game. The station is a resin model from Jerry’s Hobby Junction’s N scale “Early American Structures” line. The water tower is an old pre built plastic model railroad building manufactured by Revell. I’m looking forward to getting these models on the table soon.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Painted 10mm American Civil War Limbers from Pendraken

Today, I have some photos of my freshly painted artillery limbers. These figures are from Pendrakens new Civil War range. This batch consists of eight Union and eight Confederate limbers. For mostly esthetic reasons, I decided to make the switch from having two horses per limber to four horses. I’m very satisfied with this change, so going forward I will probably switch all my limbers over to four horses. The only downside to this is that I will need to paint twice as many horses. At times, this was a little painful when painting this last batch of limbers.

Link to Pendraken Miniatures - LINK

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New 10mm American Civil War figures from Cracker Line Miniatures

My friend Bill, who is the owner of Cracker Line Miniatures, has just sent me some photos of his newest additions to his growing 10mm American Civil War range. These new additions include a galloping limber team, several new mounted commanders, and a new artillery crew. What makes these figures extra special is that they were designed to resemble the troops that fought in the western theater. Here are the photos.
In addition to the figures pictured above, Cracker Line plans to release cavalry in the first quarter of 2014. For more information on Cracker Line Miniatures please visit their web page; Link