Thursday, November 17, 2011

Battle of Bull Run Game Gallery Added

I have finally uploaded my photos from the recent Battle of Bull Run game that I ran. Below are a few images from the game. The full Gallery can be seen here:




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Sunday, November 6, 2011

10mm American Civil War Miniatures Comparison

With the recent release of Kallistra’s 10mm Civil War range, I have decided to put together a quick 10mm Civil War manufactures comparison. For this comparison I used infantry figures from the following manufactures:

  • Kallistra

  • Minifigs

  • Pendraken

  • GHQ

  • Old Glory

  • Perrin(US) Magister Militum (UK)

To my knowledge the only manufactures missing from this comparison are The Baggage Train, Starfort, and Pithead.

Note 1: I added the 15mm figure from Musket Miniatures for a size reference.

Note 2: All Old Glory infantry comes in strips of five. For this comparison I cut one figure from the strip.

Kallistra figures have great detail, but are larger than any other 10mm ACW range. In my opinion the best matching figures in the comparison are Old Glory and Perrin. For my own project I will continue to primarily use Pendraken’s range and I will use Old Glory, Minifigs and Perrin to fill in the missing gaps.

I hope this proves to be helpful.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Workbench Update 11/04/2011

I’m back from Fall-In and it’s time to get back to work. This week I’m beginning to prepare for my demo game that I will be running at Walt’s Secrete Santa sale and open house. The sale is on November 19th and I will be running the Hornet’s Nest (Battle of Shiloh). I will be making the official announcement about this event shortly.
For the most part I already have everything I need for this battle painted with the exception of the Confederate grand battery. This battery requires 22 stands of Confederate artillery. I currently only have 12 stands of artillery so this week I’m working on painting the remaining 10 stands. For this batch of artillery I’m using crews and cannons from Old Glory and crews from Perrin. I’m also working on an additional pair of limbers.


As mentioned above last Friday I attended Fall-In. While there, I spent most of my time in the dealer’s hall stocking up. My biggest purchase of the day was 30 packs of Pico 3mm micro armor. This is shaping up to be my next big project. My goal will be to use this micro armor to refight large scale World War 2 battles. For rules I’m looking at using Blitzkrieg Commander or Panzer Korps. I will have more on this in the coming weeks.

While in the flea market I found a stack of old Zouave magazines and a copy of “Enduring Valor, Gettysburg in miniatures Volume One” by Scott Mingus. These finds alone made the trip worth it.

Only four months to Cold Wars.

Happy Gaming

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

American Civil War project phase 1 completed

Phase one of my American Civil War project has been completed. My Goal for phase one was to paint enough figures to re-fight the battle for Henry House Hill (1st Bull Run). It took me eleven months (Oct, 2010 to Sep, 2011) to paint the approximant 1500 figures required to meet this goal. Over those eleven months, I successfully avoided the temptations of stating other projects and I stayed focused solely on meeting my goal. This within its self is a great achievement for me. Below are some images of the final product.

My advice for anyone starting a large project like this is: 1) If you’re in the states and plan on ordering overseas, estimate that it will take about 6 weeks to get your order. 2) Set achievable goals. Pick a small or medium size battle and set that as your goal. After meeting that goal pick a larger battle for the next goal. 3) Most important, stay focused on meeting your goal and don’t stray into other projects or periods.











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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Battle of Bull Run Preview

Over the weekend I did a dry run of the Battle of Bull Run game that I’m running this weekend. Below are a couple of images that I took.

Henry House Hill looking North-West. The Henry House is the white building near the center.

Looking South-West

It took me most of the day to get this table setup. I use almost 25 feet of rail fence and I had just enough trees to cover the table. Overall I’m pretty happy with how the table looks. I can’t wait to fight the battle this weekend. More information on this game can be found here:

Keywords: Battle of 1st Bull Run, Battle of 1st Manassas, American Civil War 10mm, ACW 10mm

Monday, August 22, 2011

Painted 10mm Civil War Commanders

Today I have some photos of my completed Civil War command stands. These stands consist of miniatures from Perrin, Old Glory, and Pendraken. To my surprise the figures from these three manufactures match up so well that I had no problem mounting them on the same base.

Division/Corps Commanders

For my Division/Corps commanders I mounted two or three figures on 1 ½” round bases that I got from Michel’s craft store. Inspired by a recent post on The Miniatures Page, I decided to add a mounted standard bearer to each command stand. The mounted standard bearer figures are from Perrin’s range.



Brigade Generals

My brigade Generals are based on 1” round bases from LITKO.



Old Glory
Old Glory
Old Glory
Figure comparison: From left to right- Perrin, Pendraken, Old Glory."]


Old Glory
Old Glory
Old Glory
Figure comparison: From left to right- Pendraken, Old Glory, Perrin

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10mm Terrain (Part 1)

With the painting side of my Civil War (phase 1) project nearly complete, over the past week I’ve begun to shift my focus to building terrain. Below is a quick review of my progress so far.


My rivers are from JR Miniatures. The main reason I decided to use rivers from JR miniatures is because of the variety of pieces and scales they offer. My plan is to use a combination of 6mm and 15mm scales to model different size rivers and streams. The downside to these rivers is I can’t stand how they are painted. To remedy this I decided to repaint them to my liking. Below are some before and after images. Tell me what you think.

One down and a lot to go


I will need a lot of trees to properly model a 19th century American battlefield. For that reason I decided to use pre built trees from Woodland Scenics. I feel that pre-built trees are more durable than the ones that you build yourself and besides I hate building trees. Unfortunately, pre-built doesn’t mean war game ready. I still spend quite a bit of time cleaning them up (removing excess foliage and gluing down loose foliage). The trees that I use will range in size from 2” to 5”.

The first 70 trees

Rail Fence

Rail fence is a vital part of the Civil War battlefield. For my refight of Bull Run I will need around 25 feet of fence. That’s a lot of fence! I went with Battlefield Terrain Concepts 15mm snake rail fence kits to meet my fencing needs. I also plan to mix in some rail fence from Musket Miniatures.

Part of the first batch of 15’

Key Words: 10mm terrain, Civil War 10mm, JR Miniatures, 6mm Rivers, Woodland Scenics, Battlefield Terrain Concepts, 10mm Snake Rail Fence