Photos from Cold Wars 2013

Friday PM

On to Londinium "They're Breakin' the Line" - Petersburg, Virginia, April 2, 1865/54mm Muskets and Tomahawks, French and Indian War Skirmish/28mm The Battle of Laon 1814-Fate of Battle Rules

Saturday AM

Pride and Passion, Span-1810 Miller’s Corn Field-Antietam/25mm The Battle of Champion Hill-1863 Trench Wars-WWI The Battle of Watling Street Attack On Sacket’s Harbor-1813/25mm

Saturday PM

Battle of Montereau, 18 February 1814 Look Sarge, it’s the Punic Curse/10mm. I had the pleasure to play in this game. This game used the latest version of the Look Sarge family of Rules that covers ancients and Fantasy battles. The outcome of the game was a very, very narrow Carthaginian victory. This was my first ancients game and I really enjoyed myself. Thanks to James (Tank) and the HAWKS for putting this great game on. Battle of Shiloh- Brigade Fire and Fury/10mm Remember the Alamo? Mexican War/15mm

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