Monday, January 16, 2012

American Civil War Project (Phase 2)

2012 is here and its time to begin phase two of my 10mm American Civil War Project. Last year I was able to paint just fewer than 400 bases of infantry (1600 figures), 30 artillery bases and various commanders. My main goal for this year is to double the size of my armies. With that in mind my goals for 2012 are:

  1. Paint 200 bases (800 figures) of Union infantry

  2. Paint 200 bases (800 Figures) of Confederate infantry

  3. Paint 30 bases (90 Figures) of Mounted Confederate Cavalry

  4. Paint 30 bases (120 Figures) of dismounted Confederate Cavalry

  5. Paint 30 bases (90 Figures) of Mounted Union Cavalry

  6. Paint 30 bases (120 Figures) of dismounted Union Cavalry

  7. Paint 10 bases (40 figures) of Union Artillery

  8. Build/Paint 6’ of entrenchments

  9. Game 15 battles from 1862.

These goals are somewhat aggressive and a lot depends on when Pendraken starts to releases their new range of figures. If I can meet or come close to meeting these goals, I will feel like I had a productive year. My plan is to post monthly updates on my progress here, so be sure to check back. Now onto what I’m currently working on.

I have spent the past few weeks working on painting mounted and dismounted cavalry. I have found that Perrin’s mounted cavalry are the best offered in 10mm scale and to my disappointment nobody really makes great dismounted cavalry. Below are some photos of my progress so far. I will share more details and photos once I get them based.

Union Cavalry
Union Cavalry

Union Cavalry
Confederate Cavalry

Confederate Cavalry

Preparations for my first game of the year are also underway. This game will be based on the first days fighting around the Elkhorn Tavern during the Battle of Pea Bridge. For this game I will be using the scenario published in the “Guns at Gettysburg Scenarios 2, Frontier” book by Paul D. Stevenson. The game will be held at Walt’s Hobby shop on January 22nd. Below is an image of the buildings that I’ve been working on for the game.

These building will serve as the Elkhorn Tavern and Clemon’s Farmhouse for my upcoming Battle of Pea Ridge game


  1. What do you use to prime the buildings? They look great. I just ordered some.

  2. General Bt ShermanMay 10, 2012 at 6:19 AM

    I use black automotive primer from Wal-Mart to prime my buildings.