Thursday, May 10, 2012

10mm American Civil War Project Update (March/ April)

It has been two months since my last project update. Since then I have completed a batch of 400 advancing Union Infantrymen and a batch of 240 Confederate firing Infantrymen. I am now working on a batch of 240 Union firing Infantrymen. All of these figures were manufactured by Pendraken. I have never been a fan of the firing infantry pose but I see the esthetic advantages of using these troops in defensive situations. Pendrakens firing infantry or battle line are particularly nice figures. Each of the two sets comes with around six poses. I can’t wait to get these troops based and on my table.

Some of my newly painted advancing or attacking Union Infantrymen. Figures were manufactured by Pendraken.
Some of my newly painted firing Confederate Infantrymen. Figures were manufactured by Pendraken

As summer approaches I am anticipating that my painting output will drop for a time. I have nearly 1300 painted troops that I need to get based and I also want to spend some time working on new terrain. Besides these projects, I’m hoping to play several battles over the summer months including, Fair Oaks (Seven Pines), The Dump (2nd Manassas), Parts of Antietam, and several smaller battles. I’m expecting that my painting productivity will pick up once again in the September/October time period.

Here’s a photo of everything I have painted so far this year. (Note: All Pendraken so far)

On a final note, I am currently looking for a regimental scale scenario for the cornfield at Antietam. If you’re reading this and know of a scenario or have one that you want to share please contact me at or leave a comment below.




  1. Inspiring as always. Did you get my email about the ACW rules General?

  2. An awesome collection, they look great and you are a very productive painter. I wish I could focus on one project at a time!

    I look forward to updates