Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: 10mm U.S. Civil War Buildings from Old Glory 25

Hello, today I have a quick review of Old Glory’s 10mm U.S. Civil War buildings. To be honest I’ve been meaning to do this review for some time now, but other hobby related projects have taken priority. Hopefully in the not too distant future I will also have a review of the new line of 10mm building from Buildings in Turmoil. I hope you find this review useful.
Old Glory offers their buildings in two sets. The first set is five pieces and includes three buildings, a church, and one outbuilding. The second set is six pieces and includes two buildings, a barn, two outbuildings, and a well. Each set is priced at $35. Even better if you have the Old Glory Army discount card each set is only $21. That’s around $5 a building or about half of what other 10mm/15mm building are being sold for!

I decided to purchase the set with the Church. Like all my transactions with Old Glory 25 everything went smoothly. My very first impression after removing the buildings from their packaging was “wow these seem large for 10mm scale”. My initial impression was confirmed after I compared them to some of my 10mm figures and buildings. In fact, these buildings match up better with my 15mm building from JR Miniatures. After making these comparisons, I concluded that Old Glory’s buildings seem to be better scaled for use with 15mm figures. Below are a few comparison images I did.

Miniature Comparison: The figures pictured here are 10mm Pendraken and 15mm Musket Miniatures. Note: Old Glory’s 10mm figures are about the same size as Pendraken

15MM Buildings Comparison: The poorly painted buildings on the out sides are 15mm scale from JR Miniatures. As you can see Old Glory’s buildings match up pretty well with them.
10mm Building Comparison: In this image I compare my N scale buildings from Jerry’s Hobby Junction to Old Glory’s buildings. As you can see the buildings don’t match up very well.

The overall molding quality of the buildings is average. Throughout the models there are many small imperfections in the resin caused by air bubbles. Also, several spots on the buildings chimneys and siding have excess resin that will need to be removed.


What I really like about these buildings is the assortment of structures offered in the two sets. Each set comes with a large barn and outbuildings. I see no reason why these buildings can’t be use for the American War of Independence through the American Civil War.

My final assessment of these buildings is that they are a very good value if you have an Old Glory Army card, but they seem to be better scaled for use with other 15mm building. As a result, these buildings will probably not see any use in my 10mm scale games, but they may come in handy with future 15mm projects. So if you’re a 15mm gamer and you’re looking for some new buildings, I recommend that you check these buildings out.


Product link- Old Glory 25's US Civil War Buildings


  1. Ah General, your articles are great and so timely for me!

  2. General Bt ShermanAugust 4, 2012 at 5:49 AM

    That’s good to hear. Let me know if there is anything in particular you want me to cover.

  3. I agree. I ordered some of the OLD GLORY 10mm buildings (before I saw your review) and they are indeed a bit large for that scale.