Monday, August 6, 2012

150th Battle of 2nd Manassas/ Bull Run Reenactment Photo Gallery

Over the weekend, I traveled down to Cedar Creek Battlefield in Middletown, Virginia for the 150th commemorative Reenactment of the Battle of 2nd Manassas/ Bull Run. For me, the highlight of this event was the Friday evening recreation of the Battle of Brawner’s Farm. The setting sun with the Blue Ridge Mountains made a great background for the reenactment. Saturday’s reenactment was a recreation of the Union’s assault on the unfinished railroad. The reenactors seem to be really having a lot of fun during the battle recreations, and the commanders did a very good job to make sure that the battles did not stray too far from the spectators. However, I do feel that the reenactor turnout was on the low side. I was expecting to see about the same numbers that attended the 145th 1st Bull Run reenactment held at Cedar Creek in 2006. I estimate that there were between 1,000 and 2,000 total reenactors present. Unfortunately, I feel that the low reenactor turnout did not make the 6 hour drive to Virginia worthwhile. I have my fingers crossed that next month’s Antietam reenactment will be larger. We will see.

Thanks to all the reenactors and the Cedar Creek staff who made this event possible.


The Battle of Brawner’s Farm


Attack on the Railroad Cut



  1. Thank you for taking the pictures of the event. I am in a few of the shots you took! The weekend was a good event and I agree the turnout was not as great as expected but I think there was somewhere around 3,000 total. I hope you don't mind but I have a blog site and I placed links on my page about 2nd bull run that will take my viewers to your pictures. Which event are you going to for Antietam? There are two events planed and this does reduce the turnout at one or the other. I will be attending "Maryland my Maryland"

  2. General Bt ShermanAugust 9, 2012 at 6:30 AM

    Absolutely no problem. I plan to attend the September 15th & 16th reenactment. I’m banking that this event will be the bigger of the two. I was at the 145th Maryland My Maryland reenactment. As I remember it was a pretty good event. Are you planning on going to the Fire on the Rappahannock reenactment in the fall? From what I’m hearing it seems like a pretty unique event.