Sunday, September 9, 2012

A new source for 10mm buildings

Up to this point I have been primarily using building from Jerry’s Hobby Junction for my 10mm wargaming needs. I feel that Jerry’s range of buildings does a great job covering single story structures, but when it comes to two story structures the range comes up a bit short. To resolve this shortage, I decided to give plastic N scale model railroad buildings a try.

As a result of model railroading being a much more popular hobby, there is a very large assortment of buildings available. Unfortunately, most of these are not suitable for the 19th century. After doing some browsing on e-bay, I found several models that would meet my needs. As usual the first thing I did after my first building arrived in the mail was to compare it to my Jerry’s Hobby Junction buildings. As I was hoping they matched up perfectly. Since then I have purchased several more building and I’m very satisfied with them.

Building Comparison Photo: on the left is an N scale plastic model railroad building, and on the right is a resin building from Jerry’s Hobby Junction

The downside to using model railroading buildings is, 1) most of the time, the models need to be assembled, 2) they retail for about twice as much as resin buildings. However, if your patient these buildings commonly come up on e-bay for much less than the retail price.

Model Power, Bella's Farm House

Looking forward, I can see myself adding more N scale model railroading buildings to my terrain arsenal as I need them.

Model Power, The Sullivan's

A.H.M., American Farm House
Model Power, Farm House

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