Monday, April 4, 2011

The Conquest of Fort Niagara 250th Anniversary Gallery

On Fourth of July weekend 2009 Old Fort Niagara commemorated the 250th anniversary of the siege and fall of the fort. This event featured a wide varirty of French and Indian War related activities including reenactments. Over 2,500 reenactors came together from the U.S. and Canada to recreate the events leading up to the fall of Fort Niagara. The highlight of the weekend was the real time recreation of the battle of La Belle Famille and the final assault on the fort. Throughout the week I attended several of these recreations and took many photographs.

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1) Battle on the Beach

2) First Bombardment

3) Battle of La Belle Famille

4) The Final Assault

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  1. Really enjoyed your pics - really brings things to life.