Monday, May 23, 2011

10mm American Civil War Project Update (Painted Confederate Infantry)

The last couple of weeks have been very productive for me. I finished painting up my second batch of Confederate Infantry and over the last week I combined these with my first batch and I got them based. I now have 151 bases of Rebel Infantry. Below are some pictures of the final product. Next, I will be working on Artillery and Generals for both sides.

From this.....
To this. 151 bases of Confederate Infantry
All miniatures are from Pendraken

The bases are from Litko. The dimensions are: 1” X1/2” and 3mm thick.

I used 30 pound fishing line for the flag poles. As you can see this makes for a very resilient flag pole.

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  1. These look very impressive en masse. I like the fishing line idea - bent flagpoles are a pain!

    Dour Puritan