Sunday, November 6, 2011

10mm American Civil War Miniatures Comparison

With the recent release of Kallistra’s 10mm Civil War range, I have decided to put together a quick 10mm Civil War manufactures comparison. For this comparison I used infantry figures from the following manufactures:

  • Kallistra

  • Minifigs

  • Pendraken

  • GHQ

  • Old Glory

  • Perrin(US) Magister Militum (UK)

To my knowledge the only manufactures missing from this comparison are The Baggage Train, Starfort, and Pithead.

Note 1: I added the 15mm figure from Musket Miniatures for a size reference.

Note 2: All Old Glory infantry comes in strips of five. For this comparison I cut one figure from the strip.

Kallistra figures have great detail, but are larger than any other 10mm ACW range. In my opinion the best matching figures in the comparison are Old Glory and Perrin. For my own project I will continue to primarily use Pendraken’s range and I will use Old Glory, Minifigs and Perrin to fill in the missing gaps.

I hope this proves to be helpful.

Key Words: ACW 10mm, American Civil War 10mm, Kallistra, Minifigs, Pendraken, GHQ, Old Glory, Perrin, ) Magister Militum

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