Sunday, December 9, 2012

Photos of my latest ACW game; Casey’s Redoubt/ The Battle of Seven Pines

Below are a few photos from my latest American Civil War game. For this game, I used the Casey’s Redoubt scenario from the Regimental Fire and Fury rule book. The photos are of the initial setup of the game. Unfortunately, these are the only photos that I took of this game. I was hoping to set it up again and have a proper photo shoot, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

This game marks my first use of fortification. To representation the Abates, I used Woodland Scenic tree armatures. The breastworks that I used in this game were hand made by myself. I built them to be used with my 15mm WWII figures, but it turns out that they work really well with my 10mm figures.



  1. Some nice terrain there, and the figures look great too. Are the tents home-made as well?

  2. Great looking table layout. Very clean and functional. You state these were the only photos taken but did you game the scenario? Would be interested in reading how the attack on the fortifications played out.


  3. No, the tents are from Jerry's Hobby Junction. Link:

  4. I'am working on the terain now to put on this game. We played Olustee a few weeks ago. That was a good game also. Your table look great. I hope my table looks as good.

    Good luck and good gaming

    Bill gaynor
    St Louis MO