Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Battle of Chaplin Hills (Perryville).

Over the Christmas holiday, I had some free time, so I decided to refight the Battle of Perryville. I used the Chaplin Hills scenario from the “Guns at Gettysburg Scenarios book 1, Heartland” by Paul D. Stevenson. This scenario is based on the fighting for the forward positions in front of the Union left flank. The commanders are Brigadier General McCook (Union) and Major General Cheatham (confederate). Below are a few photos from this game.

Here’s a photo of the initial setup:

The objective of the game was to hold the greater number of high ground areas numbered 1 to 7 on the map above. If you’re wondering this game was played in regimental scale using my own rule set. Each stand of troops equals 80 men.

Initial setup: A view of the battle from the prospective of the 4th Indiana Artillery deployed on hill 5. Maney’s Confederate Infantry Brigade can be seen in the foreground at the fence line.

Initial setup from the Union right flank.

Turn two: Maney’s Confederate brigade attacks the Union troops holding Hill 1.

Turn two: Stewart’s Confederate Brigade advances across the open field in the center of the table. The Union troops consisting of the 79th Pennsylvania, 24th Illinois, and 33rd Ohio fire on the advancing Confederates from the cover of a stone wall.

The troop positions after turn 3.

Turn four: Field’s Confederate Brigade, consisting of the 1st, 8th, and 51st Tennessee regiments arrives on the Unions Left flank near hill 1.

Turn four: In the center of the table, Stewarts brigade begins to push back the Union regiments holding the stonewall

Troop positions after turn 5.

Turn Five: The combined attack of Fields and Maney’s brigades forces the Union infantry supporting Parsons Battery on hill 1 to fall back.

Turn Five: Despite losing its infantry support Parsons Battery decides to try to hold hill 1 alone. Ready the double canister!!!!

Turn Six: The Union center is shattered by the restless attack of Stewart’s brigade. The Union line is essentially split in two.

Troop positions after turn 7.

Turn seven: After a bloody assault, Fields brigade manages to destroy Parsons Battery and captures hill 1

I decided to call the game after turn seven. Besides the loss of hill 1, the union army had been split in half. To add to Union woes, General Terrill was mortally wounded on the final turn. I believe that the Union would have put up a much better fight if less of their regiments had not been green or militia grade troops. Oh well war is not fair.


  1. Another handsome game layout and interesting battle report. I always enjoy your game updates.