Monday, February 18, 2013

10mm American Civil War Wagons

Last weekend, I managed to finish up my first batch of 10mm American Civil War Wagons. This first batch consisted of wagons from Old Glory. I don’t really like the drivers that were included with them, so I’m hoping to find a suitable replacement from another manufacture (Possibly Perrain). Here are a few photos of my new wagons.

In other 10mm wagon news, Pendraken has just released their new Civil War wagons. They include a field forge and an ambulance. I will be adding some of them to my wagon train in the near future. Check back to see how they turnout.

Pendrakens new wagon
Pendrakens new ambulance

Pendraken new field forge

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  1. Love the job you did on the Old Glory wagons. I have several that I need to paint to field. Yours are a good inspiration.