Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Battle of 1st Bull Run 150th Reenactment Photos

Over the weekend I traveled down to Prince William County, Virginia for the 150th Battle of 1st Bull Run reenactment. Let me start off by saying it was HOT! On Friday I visited the battlefield and the temperature was 106 with a heat index of 120 degrees.  Needless to say I did not spend much time on the battlefield.

On Saturday I attended the reenactment. Before the reenactment started I visited the Union camp and I was able to meet up with the reenactors who were portraying the 1st Minnesota Volunteers. This was my Great-Great-Great Grandfathers regiment and I’ve wanted to meet up with them for a while now. I had a nice conversation with a sergeant from company D (The Lincoln Guards). I look forward to meeting up with them again at future events (maybe Ball’s Bluff in the fall).
Some of the 1st Minnesota Volunteers drill before the battle.

The reenactment began at 9:30 and ended around 12:00. Overall I thought that the chorography was very similar to 145th reenactment that was held at Cedar Creek Battlefield. The thing that set this reenactment apart was the Uniforms. This was not a battle between the blue and gray. Among other things many units were wearing red shirts and/or Haverlocks. It was reported that over 8000 reenactors were on the field of battle and this made for a great spectacle.

I would like to thank Prince William County for putting on a well organized and enjoyable event. I also thank all the reenactors, sutlers, venders, bus driver, police and volunteers.

Now on to the photos. This gallery consists of around 300 photos. I was concerned about load times so I put them onto two pages. The first page is the fight for Matthews Hill and the second is the battle for Henry House Hill. I also took some video that I may post at a latter date.


The Battle of 1st Bull Run Reenactment Gallery

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  1. All that red and blue on both sides - no wonder there was confusion!