Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10mm Terrain (Part 1)

With the painting side of my Civil War (phase 1) project nearly complete, over the past week I’ve begun to shift my focus to building terrain. Below is a quick review of my progress so far.


My rivers are from JR Miniatures. The main reason I decided to use rivers from JR miniatures is because of the variety of pieces and scales they offer. My plan is to use a combination of 6mm and 15mm scales to model different size rivers and streams. The downside to these rivers is I can’t stand how they are painted. To remedy this I decided to repaint them to my liking. Below are some before and after images. Tell me what you think.

One down and a lot to go


I will need a lot of trees to properly model a 19th century American battlefield. For that reason I decided to use pre built trees from Woodland Scenics. I feel that pre-built trees are more durable than the ones that you build yourself and besides I hate building trees. Unfortunately, pre-built doesn’t mean war game ready. I still spend quite a bit of time cleaning them up (removing excess foliage and gluing down loose foliage). The trees that I use will range in size from 2” to 5”.

The first 70 trees

Rail Fence

Rail fence is a vital part of the Civil War battlefield. For my refight of Bull Run I will need around 25 feet of fence. That’s a lot of fence! I went with Battlefield Terrain Concepts 15mm snake rail fence kits to meet my fencing needs. I also plan to mix in some rail fence from Musket Miniatures.

Part of the first batch of 15’

Key Words: 10mm terrain, Civil War 10mm, JR Miniatures, 6mm Rivers, Woodland Scenics, Battlefield Terrain Concepts, 10mm Snake Rail Fence


  1. Is there any particular reason you ordered the 15mm kits instead of the 10mm snake rail kits from Battlefield Terrain Concepts?

  2. General Bt ShermanApril 24, 2012 at 9:42 AM

    If I remember correctly they only had the 15mm kits for sale at the show I got them from (Historicon, I think). After building the fences I didn’t have much material leftover so I will most likely use the 15mm kits in the future.

  3. Nice looking terrain.

    What are you using as bases for the Woodland Scenic trees?

    Also, what do you use as a ground cover/ground mat?


  4. Nice looking terrain.

    What are you using as bases for the Woodland Scenic Trees?

  5. Ken, I use 1 ½” Fender Washers from Home Depot for tree bases.

  6. Ken, for larger games I use a 9’ X 6’ mat from the Terrain Guy and for normal size games I have a 6’ X 4’ mat from Monday Knight Production.