Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Battle of Antietam 150th Reenactment Photos

Below are links to the photos that I took a few weeks ago at the 150th Battle of Antietam commemorative reenactment. Unlike, the Second Manassas reenactment that I attended last month this event was well worth the trip down from New York State. The reenactment was run by the same origination that puts on the annual Gettysburg reenactment. Like the annual Gettysburg event, the Antietam reenactment was very well organized. I estimate that there were between 6000 and 7000 reenactors and 65 artillery pieces. The reenactors were kept to historical proportions so there were approximately twice as many Union troops on the field. Several props were built, like The Dunker Church, and Burnsides Bridge to help enhance the reenactment. Also, Light pyrotechnics were used to simulate Artillery fire. There was also more Suttlers than I’ve seen at any other event (except for possibly Gettysburg). Many of whom were selling quality items.

From what I heard there seems to be plans to run this reenactment again next year. If this is the case I’m somewhat skeptical that the event will get the same reenactor and spectator turnout as this year’s event. I for one will be on the road heading to Chickamauga.

I want to thank all the reenactors and volunteers who made this event possible.

Now on to the photos:

                      The Dunker Church

The Bloody Lane

Burnsides Bridge & the Final Attack

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