Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Battle of Queenston Heights 200th Reenactment Photos.

Hello all,
I have just finished uploading my photos from the 200th anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Queenston Heights. This reenactment featured nearly 1000 reenactors and was held on the actual battleground. This was by far the largest War of 1812 reenactment that I have ever witnessed! Around 15,000 spectators came out to see this reenactment. Taking these numbers into account, I think it’s safe to say that this event was very successful.  Personally, I’m looking forward to attending a lot more War of 1812 reenactments over the next couple of years.  Thanks to all the volunteers and reenactors who made this event possible. Here's the Gallery: Link

General Brock leads his troops just before being fatally wounded

See my full gallery here: Queenston Heights 200th Reenactment Gallery


Friday, October 12, 2012

The Dunker Church, 10mm building by Time Cast

Work continues on my upcoming Antietam game. Today, I just finished up painting the Dunker Church. This model was produced by Time Cast. Below are a few photos.

For reference, here’s a photo of the real thing.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My game for Fall-In 2012, The Bloody Cornfield –Antietam 1862

At Fall-In this year, I will be running the game, The Bloody Cornfield –Antietam 1862. Due to some technical difficulties my game has just been listed on the PEL. So, all six game slots are still available. In order to run the game, I will need a minimum of three people to sign up for it. To date this is by far my most ambitious game. I have spent the past few months preparing terrain for this game, Including building 50’ of rail fence and a couple of square feet of corn. If you’re interested in joining me, you can register for my game over on the Fall-In website or you can wait to sign up at the convention if any slots are still open. I hope to see you there.

S-333 - The Bloody Cornfield-Antietam 1862

Sat. 5:00:00 PM, 5 hrs, 6 players
GM: Bryan Olson
American Civil War 10mm, Rules:
Rally Round the Flag (Modified)

The scenario that I will be using for this game was published in the December 1990 issue of Miniature Wargamers and is based on Hooker's opening attack on the Confederate position in and around the Cornfield. You don't want to miss this one.

Ages 16 and up, Rules are quick/easy to learn

Friday, October 5, 2012

10mm American Civil War Miniatures Comparison 3.0

Here’s my newest 10mm American Civil War manufactures comparison photo. New to this comparison are figures from Pendrakens new range and the Cracker Line. From comments that I’ve been reading on The Miniatures Page, I thought that it might be useful to have a mounted figures and artillery comparison. So I also added these as well. As always these photos will be revised as I receive new figures. I hope they prove to be useful.


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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Battle of Antietam 150th Reenactment Photos

Below are links to the photos that I took a few weeks ago at the 150th Battle of Antietam commemorative reenactment. Unlike, the Second Manassas reenactment that I attended last month this event was well worth the trip down from New York State. The reenactment was run by the same origination that puts on the annual Gettysburg reenactment. Like the annual Gettysburg event, the Antietam reenactment was very well organized. I estimate that there were between 6000 and 7000 reenactors and 65 artillery pieces. The reenactors were kept to historical proportions so there were approximately twice as many Union troops on the field. Several props were built, like The Dunker Church, and Burnsides Bridge to help enhance the reenactment. Also, Light pyrotechnics were used to simulate Artillery fire. There was also more Suttlers than I’ve seen at any other event (except for possibly Gettysburg). Many of whom were selling quality items.

From what I heard there seems to be plans to run this reenactment again next year. If this is the case I’m somewhat skeptical that the event will get the same reenactor and spectator turnout as this year’s event. I for one will be on the road heading to Chickamauga.

I want to thank all the reenactors and volunteers who made this event possible.

Now on to the photos:

                      The Dunker Church

The Bloody Lane

Burnsides Bridge & the Final Attack